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Costanzo e Piazza  Architects

Courtyard house of stone

Nature and the relationship to the landscape play a fundamental role in this work.
Starting from an existing structure, which was never completed, the project has worked by subtraction, eliminating non-significant architectural parts and restoring the building to its essential components, enhancing the plastic and spatial qualities of the existing building. The spaces have been completely reconfigured according to the needs of the new owners, defining a new architectural image starting from the search for a refined visual balance between opacity and transparency, which is clearly shown in the dynamic asymmetry of the new facades.
Particularly striking is the stone staircase, carved into expertly restored calcarenitic limestone, which gradually reveals the inner courtyard which provides access to the house. The interior spaces are notable for their extraordinary natural brightness. The materials used have been carefully selected, evaluated for their texture, shape and light-reflecting capability.